The School

The home has a school called Love Life Academy. It is situated on the same compound with the foundation and its attended by both the children from the foundation and those from the neighboring communities. It has a population of about one- hundred (150) from the community. It has seven (7) classrooms for the primary department and four classrooms for the Junior High department. It has classes ranging from the play class to Junior High three (3).

Dinning Hall

Sick Bay

School Farm

Contact Us


Address: P.O.Box SB37, Senya Beraku


GPS location: CG-2364-3262


Phone: +233208132248/0244406302


Whatsapp: +233208132248/0546491448



Help Needed

  • Teaching and learning materials to enhance academic performances; Exercise books, reading books, pens, pencils, etc.
  • A well-furnished library to inculcate the habit of reading in the children
  • A well- furnished computer laboratory.
  • Food items such as rice, beans, maize, flour, cooking oil, etc to feed the children that live in the shelter and the pupils from the town.
  • Boosting of the vocational center to train more single mothers in handicrafts.
  • Toiletries; washing soaps, bathing soap, etc.