About Us

Senya Beraku is located in the Central Region of Ghana. A fishing community well- known for child trafficking and child labour which is due to the high rate of poverty in the community leaving parents with the option to give some their children out in order to get money to cater for the rest, hence the establishment of mums care.

21st Century Mum’s Care Foundation was established in the year 2013 with RGD number CG250402018 and DSW number 7760. by a native of Senya Beraku who was fortunate to grow outside the community, anytime she visits the late mother who never had any formal education but makes sure that all who comes her way gets both formal and informal education, food, etc.

Considering the late mothers love for the needy and the vulnerable, the founder decided to emulate the life style of the mother by way of providing education both formal and informal, shelter, food, clothing, etc. to the needy and vulnerable in the Senya community and its environs. This she believes will go a long way to reduce the pressure on parents so they do not sell their children into hard labour.

Our Mission

To collaborate with individuals and organizations to provide quality education, food, shelter, good health and moral training for the needy, homeless and vulnerable children in the community..

Our Vision

To provide support for the needy and vulnerable children in the community.

Contact Us


Address: P.O.Box SB37, Senya Beraku


GPS location: CG-2364-3262


Phone: +233208132248/0244406302


Whatsapp: +233208132248/0546491448


Email: info@mumscarefoundation.com

Help Needed

  • Teaching and learning materials to enhance academic performances; Exercise books, reading books, pens, pencils, etc.
  • A well-furnished library to inculcate the habit of reading in the children
  • A well- furnished computer laboratory.
  • Food items such as rice, beans, maize, flour, cooking oil, etc to feed the children that live in the shelter and the pupils from the town.
  • Boosting of the vocational center to train more single mothers in handicrafts.
  • Toiletries; washing soaps, bathing soap, etc.